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No more comments
I am sick of seeing spam comments from bots and whatnot, and seeing as how this site is anything but active, I decided to disable comments.
Posted on 13 Feb 2011 by Joe
The Fx page is LIVE!
So I decided that Ii had procrastinated doing the FX page for long enough, and that it was time to get things running, so I'm proud to announce that the FX page is now live, and in fully working order!

Well don't just stand there, go and check it out!
Posted on 15 Mar 2009 by Joe
Check out our new video I posted on YouTube! Its a pretty intense preview for some up coming visual effects and videos. Please Rate it and comment.
Thanks guys!

Posted on 04 Mar 2009 by ssjaaron
I am Back!
Hey everyone!!!
Well I am back from my 2 year mission in Japan! John visited me while I was in Nagasaki and that was pretty awesome! I have been home about 3 months now and I have been working on a lot of film things. First off I am going to school and majoring in Digital media. While going to school I have worked with Copperrain Productions doing visual effects as an intern (hopefully it will turn into a job) and I have been working with Rubberball Productions shooting stock footage using the new red cams! (they rock!)
So my film life is just beginning and hopefully this summer I will be going to LA as an intern to Toby Irwin a DP in LA. Somethings to look forward to are...
New FXtest video, John and I are making! including a short fight between the both of us.
And we are hoping to make a drama, thriller or action in the near future! thanks everyone for your support!
Posted on 24 Feb 2009 by ssjaaron
Well he's home. Aaron, he's home. Now we can make cool movies again. Yay! laughing
Posted on 21 Dec 2008 by John
Ain't nothing to it, gangster rap made me do it!
For those who have enjoyed the freedom rap, we actually have a myspace with some of our other songs on it here http://www.myspace.com/sunkneedlight listen and enjoy. AND yes we take ourselves very very seriously.
Posted on 29 Jun 2008 by John



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